Self Portraits

The very best thing about taking self portraits is that you always have the perfect model to hand.  A touch of creative narcissism never hurt anyone (well, apart from Narcissis) and it provides the perfect opportunity for a touch of playful photographic experimentation (The best way to learn).  Plus it means that finally you can put all those years of practicing your catwalk moves and your perfect pout to good use.  It is all about improving technique and if you end up with a couple of fabulous photographs of yourself to send to your fans (or your Granny) then what a bonus!

For a peek at more of my portraits then look no further than here.


8 thoughts on “Self Portraits

    1. Why thank you. I have always had a huge soft spot for the photobooth! Sadly they are so rare these days (in the UK anyway). Perhaps I should buy one and keep it in the shed! That would be super cool!!

  1. It so would be and I would be SUPER jealous! I have a collection of found booth photos that I made when I lived int he UK for 5 years (3 years in London and 2 in Leicester). I left in 2003 and there were booths in every railway station, when I returned three years later they were all gone!! What happened to them all? Landfill, I guess. Very sad.

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