Faces, faces, faces…what is not to love about faces!  They tell you all sorts of wonderful stories.  Here you will find a little gallery of some of my portrait shots of friends, family, lovers, partners in crime and complete random strangers.  You cannot say that I discriminate!


6 thoughts on “Portraits

  1. Very nice. I have always avoided people as the main subjects of my photos. I don’t know why. I have never been as happy with the results doing portraits. I am glad there are those who do them well, like you, however.

  2. I love your portrait work. I love photographing people; however, I prefer that they don’t know about it. I hate staging portraits… Maybe it’s because I haven’t done much of it, but I just feel very uncomfortable doing it. It’s much easier when the subject is submerged in their passion for me.

    1. Thank you. I find that (certainly with my friends and family) they are so used to me snapping away like a crocodile that they tend to forget I am there. I love candid shots though. There is a beautiful elegance about them.

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