Life In Monochrome

Do you ever feel like you are the star of your own film.  This project is a celebration of the pure drama of life in monochrome glory!

I love working in Black and White.   The contrast, the drama, the timelessness of it all, what is not to love.  It is so cinematic.  I have heard people say that they never shoot in Black and White but edit it afterwards.  Although in this day and age, when digital is king, I can see practicality in that, I just can’t bring myself to.  I find that I look through the lens differently if I am setting up a black and white shot, the whole composition changes, it feels different.  Vive noir et blanc, that’s what I say.

I hope that you enjoy my cinematic montage.  I am still trying to work out the script.  Would be delighted to hear your story ideas from each of the boards.  Who knows, we could even make it into a film.  A very stylish film of course, I insist on macaroons.


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