Circus at Sea

Those of you that know me will be well aware of my weakness for bright lights & carnival magic.

I have had a secret plan to run off and join the circus ever since I was a child.  In fact if you feel so inclined, you can observe one of my many circus realities in my “Joining The Circus” Series.

One stormy day, I stumbled upon this “Circus in The Sea”.  I love the idea of wild acrobatics above the waves and boats filled with bright eyes and candy floss.

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Circus sea


32 thoughts on “Circus at Sea

  1. Love the mood in this picture. However, reading the words “joining the circus” made the song “Nelly the elephant” pop into my head – thanks for that one, haven’t heard it in a long time 🙂

  2. I think its a fantastic photograph, and I too always wanted to run away and join the circus. I blame Enid Blyton, since she painted a rosy picture… not like Water For Elephants…

  3. Stunning photograph! There’s something very wrong with WP because I keep not receiving notifications of your posts. I’ve checked in Blogs I Follow and it says I’m set to receive instant news. I’ve unfollowed and followed again to see if that works. No. Very frustrating. I don’t know what else to do.

  4. Great cool tone in the picture really adds a lot of mystery to the shot. If you like the circus there is a great book called the “night circus” full of circus mystery and magic.

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