Great British Seaside – Pastel Words

The joy of the Great British Seaside.

Picnics in the car to escape the biting wind, ‘Kiss me Quick’ hats, rock to shatter your teeth on, a troupe of performing seagulls and all the fun of the fair.

You can’t beat it.

Kick off your shoes (or exchange them for socks and sandals if the mood takes you) and join me on a grand Seaside tour!

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6 thoughts on “Great British Seaside – Pastel Words

    1. Ooh. You need to get to a British coastal town quick. I am actually unsure how to explain a ‘kiss me quick’ hat apart from that they are a quintessential part of British seaside holidays alongside saucy postcards, donkey rides on the beach and eating fish & chips straight out of the wrapper in the rain! The tiny structures are little ‘beach huts’. Lovely aren’t they!

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