Life In Monochrome – Glimpse

Do you ever feel like you are the star of your own film.  This project is a celebration of the pure drama of life in monochrome glory!

I love working in Black and White.   The contrast, the drama, the timelessness of it all, what is not to love.  It is so cinematic.  Vive noir et blanc, that’s what I say.

I hope that you enjoy this little offering to add to my cinematic montage.  I am still trying to work out the script.  Would be delighted to hear your story ideas. Who knows, we could even make it into a film.  A very stylish film of course, I insist on macaroons.

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LIM - Glimpse


2 thoughts on “Life In Monochrome – Glimpse

  1. the mirror, reflections on a life, everyone you know is in it, call it philosophy day, one day, life is one long dream till you get fixated on one thing, make it love and you’ll dream forever, amen

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