Henley Days – Antique Trainers

Wandering home one autumnal Henley afternoon I stumbled across this sign in the doorway of the fabulous “Tudor House” antique shop which is a veritable banquet of treasure.

Henley On Thames is one of those rare places that has just a little sprinkle of magic about it. It is the sort of place where childhood dreams of talking animals and fairy woodlands might just (if you wiggle your nose and flutter your eyelashes) come true. There is more than a hint of fine English eccentricity woven deep into the fabric of the place. Don’t even get me started on the bliss of days spent drifting along the Thames in a little wooden boat, laden with a delicious feast of storybook proportions and a bottle (or two) of icy pink fizz.

In this series, I hope to show you a little slice of life in this gorgeous English town. (For more images in this series then why not pop over to my Henley Days page).

If you would like a look at more of my work then pop over to my Etsy shop.

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2013-09-22 18.00.36


8 thoughts on “Henley Days – Antique Trainers

  1. I guess there is a change in the way we see things. 10-20 years ago this would be considered insult! The owner would never dare put it up because it would hurt business. But now we believe it is funny. By the way, it is funny and antiques are overpriced, so in a way, it is a psychological game! 😉

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