The Week That Was…

If this week was a person I might call him Federico.  There was a spot of outdoor cinema action by the river (“Jaws” for those of you that are interested – I may never look at the Thames in the same way again).  A long walk through the meadows accompanied by a rogue stunt pilot.  A new found interest in plane spotting (you may mock but check out the Flightradar 2 4 Pro app) it works particularly well when you live on the Heathrow flight path and are spending more time than is really acceptable lying on your roof enjoying the sunshine.  A touch of dancing in the kitchen.  A lot of daydreaming and far too many nocturnal dalliances with local wildlife!  There is nothing quite like finding yourself naked in the garden at 2am with a leaflet selling boats in one hand and a bowl containing a frog in the other.  I also found a piece of paper from a younger self advising me never to trust a man that “wears chinos and puts lemonade in his beer”. Wise words indeed.



18 thoughts on “The Week That Was…

  1. Love the photos and the wise words from your younger days!! 🙂

    I see you have the scones and strawberries and some kind of cream! Try the jam with Cornish cream – there’s nothing quite like it! Can you get Cornish cream where you are?

    1. 🙂 Ha yes. The wisdom of youth! Yay for Cornish cream and yay for a local supermarket that has “never knowingly undersold” I’m sure they have got a good Cornish cream bounty! I will hotfoot it down there.

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