Henley Royal Regatta 2013

I have spent the last week or so editing through a huge amount of photographs taken at the wonderful Henley Royal Regatta last weekend.

Finally, after much deliberation I have put together a little selection for your viewing pleasure.

I hope that you enjoy the You Tube stylee (for those that like to view their photography in a slightly more traditional manner a gallery will follow).

I would like to thank the wonderful Professor Elemental for giving me permission to use his music (“Cup Of Brown Joy” for those that want to rush out and download it immediately).  He can also be found on Twitter.

Toodlepip for now.  I hope you enjoy.


3 thoughts on “Henley Royal Regatta 2013

  1. This is lots of fun — marvelous photos, and the song accompaniment is perfect. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a combination of jazzy music and rap just like that. I say “Ooo” and you say “Long!” As a tea drinker, I very much enjoyed it!

  2. Herbal? No thanks! 😀

    As one rather inclined to a snazzy blazer and jaunty headgear – albeit generally more Notting Hill than Panama – this is right up my river. Joyous!!

    Off for a quick brew now and a slice or several of Battenburg. Splendid!

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