Hiraeth – Didn’t We Have A Lovely Time The Day We Went To Bangor

“Didn’t we have a lovely time, The day we went to Bangor.  A beautiful day, we had lunch on the way And all for under a pound, you know That on the way back I cuddled with Jack And we opened a bottle of cider Singing a few of our favourite songs As the wheels went around.  Do you recall the thrill of it all, As we walked along the seafront Then on the sand we heard a brass band That made a tiddly tum ta ra ra Elsie and me had one cup of tea Then we took a paddling boat out Thrashing away as we sailed round the bay As the wheels went around”

If you listen carefully you will often hear many a Welsh man (and woman) whisper of something know as Hiraeth. It has no direct English translation but is sort of like a longing, nostalgia and wistful yearning for Wales.   This series is my own way of embracing my feelings of hiraeth and sharing just a little bit of my magical Wales with you.

If you feel your own hiraeth welling up inside and fancy a bit of Wales on your walls then why not pop on over to my Etsy shop to see what you can find?



12 thoughts on “Hiraeth – Didn’t We Have A Lovely Time The Day We Went To Bangor

      1. I lived on a couple of different streets in Lower Bangor (near the sea, near the high street) and then on the large Halls of Residence site in Upper Bangor. The best thing about Bangor is that everything is within walking distance.

  1. And did you know that there’s been a lot of confusion about that song – Day Trip To Bangor – as it was thought to be about Rhyl (as they have the seaside resort) but changer to Bangor as it sounded better in the lyrics. However Fiddler’s Dram have confirmed that it is indeed about (Welsh) Bangor… just that they hadn’t been there when they wrote it!

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