Hiraeth – Parys Mountain

The beautiful Parys Mountain (Mynydd Parys) is copper heaven.  If you listen carefully you can still hear the ghosts of our Bronze Age ancestors chipping away in search of ore.  I find the colours mesmerising.  100 shades of yellow, green & red.

I love North Wales with a cherry on top.  It is a land of extremes.  Here you will find mountains, lakes, sea, fields, sky all in the same spot.  It is like a splurge of everything that is lovely about the world.

If you listen carefully you will often hear many a Welsh man (and woman) whisper of something know as Hiraeth. It has no direct English translation but is sort of like a longing, nostalgia and wistful yearning for Wales.   This series is my own way of embracing my feelings of hiraeth and sharing just a little bit of my magical Wales with you.

If you feel your own hiraeth welling up inside and fancy a bit of Wales on your walls then why not pop on over to my Etsy shop to see what you can find?





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