Delightful Devon

I was lucky enough to have to opportunity to dig out my favourite nautical style clothing and jewelled eye-patches and head off to delightful Devon to play pirates!  I stayed at the fabulous Cary Arms hotel in a room fit for a pirate princess. It was surrounded by sea, I can assure you that there really is something rather invigorating about drifting off to sleep with the sound of crashing waves gently nibbling at your ears.

Sadly, no dolphins were to be seen on this occasion but I did see the bones of a wooly Mammoth and managed to hunt and gather a few “Devonshire Cream Teas”!  It is exhausting work all this relaxing, I can assure you.

Toodlepip for now.

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11 thoughts on “Delightful Devon

  1. I nearly had a snigger at ‘English Riviera’ then I remembered I come from the ‘Costa del Clyde’! I actually have fond memories of Devon and Cornwall from childhood holidays. nice post. 😀

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