Hiraeth – Harp Gate

Beautiful Wales…land of my Fathers (or more specifically my Father, who these days is a very fine example of a “Irish Geordie Welsh hybrid”).

It is a land of wild beauty, magic, sheep, majestic landscape and (there is no getting away from it) rain. Now some may see the rain as a terrible curse but it keeps things lush and green. Just the way they should be! It is a truly fabulous little corner of our wonderful planet.

If you listen carefully you will often hear many a Welsh man (and woman) whisper of something know as Hiraeth. It has no direct English translation but is sort of like a longing, nostalgia and wistful yearning for Wales.   This series is my own way of embracing my feelings of hiraeth and sharing just a little bit of my magical Wales with you.

If you feel your own hiraeth welling up inside and fancy a bit of Wales on your walls then why not pop on over to my Etsy shop to see what you can find?





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