Green Fingers

Hooray.  It feels like summer is finally here and in an annual bid to act like a grown up and have lots of pretty things to look at, I have been getting my “green finger grind” on.

This year it is all about the window boxes, roses and covering myself in more soil than a little mole.  Henley is definitely in bloom at my house (  Who needs Chelsea Flower show when you have a slightly random girl with a bag of soil, one of those scoop thingies (I think the technical term is a trowel) and a deck full of unsuspecting plants.

Just to liven up the proceedings I also ordered some lovely prayer flags all the way from Nepal.  I did consider sewing my own interpretation of a string of Tibetan prayer flags but after the terrifying horror that was a corset making course, I have had a terrible fear of sewing machines (I am not a natural sewer.  If school was a series of fabrics then I would definitely be cut from the “smoking behind the bike sheds” cloth).  Anyway, they look lovely and I am delighted.  Plus I like to think that they are helping to bring a touch of joy, harmony, love, peace and abundance to this little corner of the world.  They are certainly working on the cat, I often find him lounging under them considering the meaning of life.

If instead of my rambling you would like to look at some nice photographs then why not have a pop over to my Etsy shop?


13 thoughts on “Green Fingers

  1. I love the idea of prayer flags in the garden. I love unexpected decorations (see: my absurd love of bottle trees). I love that I get a little dose of one of my favorite English towns in your post. Thank you.

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