Prancing Peacocks – The Sun has got his hat on

Inspired by the sun and his happy hat wearing, I decided it was time to get my hat making suitcase out and get busy with my fingers.

The result is this rather fancy peacock feather fascinator hat.  The inspiration behind it was Film Noir meets Cluedo (God, don’t you just love Cluedo!). Was it Mrs Peacock in the parlour with a poisonous peony?

It is perfect for parties, races, afternoon tea, lounging in a chaise longue, secret rendezvous, getting busy in the parlour with a poisonous peony or just popping to the corner shop. (Why not? you are worth it).

As ever, I am rather tempted to keep it all for myself.  Sadly I’m forbidden from keeping any more of my creations (although I do have a secret stash under a trick floorboard! Ssshhh, don’t tell anyone!).  So if you would like to give this rather fancy fellow a good home then pop on over to my Asos page and indulge yourself.




8 thoughts on “Prancing Peacocks – The Sun has got his hat on

  1. Hip, Hip, Hooray!
    Not here today, I’m afraid – though it was nice yesterday and it will be tomorrow (apparently!).
    Nice hat.
    I am if nothing else a scatter brain – so my mind wanders all over the place. It occurred to me that ladies might wear a hat like this, where each peacock feather becomes a male conquest – a bit like cowboys used to put notches in the gun handles….. 😉

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