Photobooth Love – One

Ahh, sweet memories of a golden youth.  Crammed into a photobooth in Woolies with as many friends as we could squeeze in and a bag of pick and mix.  Those were the days.  Whatever happened to the humble photobooth?  Once to be found on every corner now hidden away in the darkest corner of the local shopping centre.  If I had my way I would fill my house with them and press-gang every visitor (and even passing stranger) into getting jiggy photobooth style.

In homage to a long loved (and slightly forgotten) passion, I give you the “Photobooth love” series. Vive le photobooth renaissance!



8 thoughts on “Photobooth Love – One

  1. Photobooths are making a comeback at American weddings. I went to one in October where the couple asked guests to go in and then paste the resulting photos into an album for the couple to have as a keepsake. Everyone had loads of fun.

      1. Oh the fun my sisters and I had back in the 70s in photo booths! We have so many, documenting hair styles and favourite tops and neck wear of the day. Even some with about 10 friends we had on our holidays in Wales. thank you for taking me back there!

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