Cherry Blossom Girl

Well, there may still be an Arctic nip in the air but I am definitely seeing signs that Spring has sprung.  On a little wander yesterday I stumbled across one of my all time favourite things!  Blossom.  I love blossom.

When I was a wee young thing, my parents and I used to take weekend trips out to go on a “Blossom hunt”, I’ve been hunting ever since.

This little beauty is for sale in my Etsy shop.  Even better if you use the code “springsprung” you will get a whole 20% off too!  (Until the end of April).

Happy Spring.




14 thoughts on “Cherry Blossom Girl

  1. awh its nice you are getting spring at long last. Here in Oz after a long, hot summer, I was finally enjoying some ‘about time’ Autumn weather. And then today its 36 degrees again (I think that’s like 70) and I’m all hot and aggro.
    Your photography is so beautiful

      1. what is with the weather? I’d love to swap places just to try it (never been remotely near snow!) but I know how disheartening it is when the weather is out of season.

      2. We often get four seasons in a day here. I sometimes think that the UK is just a giant weather making robot, sending the seeds of weather out to the rest of the world. Where are you? Defo up for a quick lifeswap. Is there sunshine???

      3. yes, sunshine, and plenty of it. Our winter’s are probably like your summer. I’m in the southwest corner of Australia, just south of Perth. Bring your flip flops and swimsuit.

      1. Yes, I think it’s too hot. It’s supposed to be autumn right now but it’s not the autumn I had in mind. Still a lot of hot days where it’s close to 30ºC. I will be patient and wait for lovely cooler days ahead of me 🙂

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