Any excuse to cover the house in seasonal loveliness!  This year I have taken inspiration from our feathery friends and decided to create a little nest to sit on the front windowsill, complete with some pretty blue eggs.

It was all wonderfully simple. I whipped out into the garden with a pair of scissors and started randomly hacking at whatever foliage I could see.  When I had an armful of bendy-ish twigs, I set about covering the living room in bits of twig, flower and feather (when I say living room I am also loosely including my hair, I have been finding twig and blossom in there for a few hours now). Aided with a little bit of green floral tape, I managed to bend all my sticks into a nest shape, added a bit of ivy and decorated with some little feathers and moss (Picked up on a stroll down the road.  I dread to think what the neighbours made of us rustling around in bushes, feather hunting with a plastic bag!).

Nest completed, it was time to get busy with some food colouring and a selection of duck and quail eggs.  Grabbed a pan, added a few drops of blue food colouring, one of green, threw in the eggs, boiled them for half an hour and they came out like lovely little blue Robin egg Easter presents.

If you would like to have a peek at more of my work then hop on over like a little Easter Bunny to my Etsy shop.  (Offering 20% off all prints until the end of April.  Just enter “springsprung” in the discount code section at checkout!)  How exciting!



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