Botanical Decoupage Eggs

Well it is almost that time of year.  The Easter bunny is dashing around all over the place, wicker basket in hand and the little fluffy yellow chicks are wrapping up all the chocolate eggs that they can get their little beaks on.

If you are thinking that your house needs a little bit of sprucing up Easter stylee, why not have a go at making some of these gorgeous botanical decoupage eggs?

IMG_1448 IMG_1466

It is really pretty easy!  All you need are some eggs, a craving for a very large omelette, some pretty tissue paper, some pva glue, a sprinkle of water, a little paintbrush, some ribbon and lots of patience!

Firstly you need to “blow” the eggs.  Make a small hole in the top and bottom with a pin (attempting not to stab yourself) and then pucker up and blow the middle of the egg out into a bowl (this can take a bit of time and make your ears pop but it will be worth it in the end), you then probably have a bowl full of egg so feast on scrambled egg, have an omelette competition or bake lots of cakes – the choice is yours.  Once the eggs shells are empty, give them a good rinse through with hot water to make sure that the inside is clean and shiny.


Then you take your pretty tissue paper and cut out the design that you want on your egg.  Snip, snip, snip.  Tissue paper can be rather tempestuous so make sure that you have enough or have a less cavalier approach with your scissors than me.

IMG_1293Once all your snipping is done you need to mix yourself up a bowl of pva glue with a little bit of water, then pick up an egg, pop your tissue paper where you want it to go and very gently cover the tissue paper with your pva/water mix and leave somewhere to dry.

IMG_1299Once your botanical beauties are dry it is time to adorn your house with them.  Get your hands on a very long needle, thread through some ribbon pull it through the egg and tie at the bottom to finish off.  Then you can sit back, admire your handiwork and congratulate yourself on what a talented so-and-so you are.

If you are fancying something a little more photographic to decorate your house then why not pop over to my Etsy shop and have a look.  Especially for you, there is a special 20% off offer until the end of April.  All you need to do is pop in the special code “springsprung” at the checkout stage and it will do all the work for you.  What could be better?  Have a fab easter!





7 thoughts on “Botanical Decoupage Eggs

  1. I love the idea of using printed tissue. I haven’t seen much of that type of tissue paper around where I live, but now I’ll be on the lookout.

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