Station Soliloquy

Following on from my Tube Stories series, here are a selection of some images taken on my everyday travels around the UK.  I have always been fascinated by those spaces inbetween.  The waiting spaces. Those moments of contemplation in an otherwise frenetic world.

You can find some more of my work over at my Etsy shop.



8 thoughts on “Station Soliloquy

  1. I’ve said this before to photo people like ‘The Future Is Papier Mâché’ but I don’t know how you get away with taking such photos. If I was taking photo no 2 I’d be worried about getting arrested!

    1. I hope that I am always sensitive to the people that I photograph along the way. Street photography certainly provides focus for thought. I think that it provides a great showcase to explore the concept of intimacy. How can something so public seem so intimate when photographed?

      1. Yes I do love that sort of thing and it is those sort of photos that WILL say a lot about the trends and fashion of the time, in the future. The only similar photos I have taken have been mostly by accident where I’ve had to zoom and crop afterwards. As a man who walks around in a big coat I can only see intent getting me in to trouble.

    1. No period British Navy. I like to claim it was built to deflect Nazis, but it probably came from the fifties. It’s as close to Captain Jack as I get, although my buttons aren’t shiny. It weighs half a stone on its own!

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