February Fortune Cookies – Queen of Months

February…surely the Queen of months!  The week is terribly exciting for a gratuitous and random celebration junkie like me.  Not only was it my birthday (please feel free to send diamonds, rainbow coloured kittens and a pony) we also have Chinese New Year, Pancake Day and Valentines Day to throw into the mix too.  Surely it is almost too much for a girl like me to take!

Now as well as enjoying the company of good friends over an incredibly delicious four hour lunch at the wonderful “Crooked Billet” (followed by a very exciting snowy journey through the woods with a bottle of Earl Grey gin and an olive tree!) I was exceptionally lucky to receive what has to be one of the best birthday presents ever!

A beautiful jar of homemade fortune cookies.  Each one lovingly prepared by a wonderful (and evidently slightly masochistic) friend.  They are fab, fab, fab.

To celebrate this Queen of months and in honour of my birthday I will be offering a special buy one/get one half price in my Etsy shop.  All you need to do is let me know which prints you would like.

IMG_0002 IMG_0003 IMG_0007 IMG_0012 IMG_0017 IMG_0021 IMG_9999

3 thoughts on “February Fortune Cookies – Queen of Months

    1. Why thank you. What is not to love about mixing two of the most wonderful things in the world? Earl Grey…Gin. It is great, means that I can justifiably have Earl Grey gin for breakfast and nobody can tell me off! “It’s tea you know…how dare you” 🙂

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