Portraits – Bearded Man

Faces, faces, faces…what is not to love about faces!

This is a man.  He has a beard. I saw him on the Tube. I loved the stories on his face.

For a gander at more of my portraits then look no further than here.

You will also find more of my Tube Stories series here

If you would like some of my photographic work to adorn your walls and have some Illustrious Peacock in your life every day then why not pop over to my Etsy shop?



20 thoughts on “Portraits – Bearded Man

  1. I really like your tube series, I always wonder… This one in particular, do they know they’re being photographed, do you ask permission or is it guerrilla snapping hoping they don’t notice?

      1. Great topic for challenge. I think most citizens are wary about getting their photograph taken in public by strangers now as they’re aware of how it may be manipulated or presented, perhaps in a manner they’re not comfortable with. Even if it is an innocent snapshot.

  2. How interesting, when I saw this picture, I wanted to ask exactly the same as Lancorz did: Do they know you’re taking their picture? Thank you for the answer, fantastic undercover pics 🙂

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