Oyster Shell Recycling

Well, who would have thought it!  Oyster Shell recycling, it’s a new one on me!  I must shamefully admit that despite being a peskatarian for about five years I am still to be introduced to the joys of the oyster. Who knows, perhaps this time next year I will have fashioned my very own “Oyster Shell Recycling” box.  A good friend of mine once (rather drunkenly it must be said) proudly announced that she once had an oyster so large it bruised her oesophagus!  A fine boast indeed.

If you would like some of my photographic work to adorn your walls and have some Illustrious Peacock in your life every day then why not pop over to my Etsy shop?




7 thoughts on “Oyster Shell Recycling

  1. Recycled into what I wonder? Could it be used in ceramics manufacture if ground up and used in clay as grog (coarsening agent), or maybe as grit for the bottom of bird cages? But not really sure if that is barking up the wrong tree. Interesting pic!

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