See The Fair From The Air

I don’t know about you but I have a huge space in my heart for the humble Helter Skelter.  It speaks of a golden childhood filled with the scent of candyfloss, scraped knees, dazzling colours, laughter and the wonderful feeling that there was magic in every little thing…that anything was possible.

I may have grown up (on the outside) but inside I still believe in magic. I make a wish on the first star I see every night, see serendipity at work in a whole number of ways and still believe that one day I might just grow up and join the circus!

In honour of the eternal blush of youth, I leave you with these Helter Skelter pictures so that you too can whip out your imaginary coconut mat and spend the day having fun and finding the magic at work in your life.

You will find both these images for sale in my Etsy Wetsy shop.

Blue Sky & helter skelter20100919_972



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