Whitstable Beach Huts – Part II

It would appear that “Beach Hut love” is very much in the air at the moment (and I mean really what is not to love about them!) so I decided that it might be time for a little Whitstable Beach Hut action (Illustrious Peacock style) take two.

This shot was taken one crisp, wintery afternoon.  It was a day of laughter, rosy cheeks, rock skimming and seafood in little pots bought from a man with fingerless gloves and a fishermans beard.  I dreamt of a beautiful little beach hut and lingering kisses that tasted of salt and ozone.

If you would like to dream of stolen kisses, fairy lights and beach magic every day then why not get your hands on this fabulous print?

You can have a look at all the prints I have for sale by hopping over to my Etsy shop.



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