We Love…

I love. You love. We love.

This shot was taken in one of my favourite cities, Malmö.  It was early Spring.  It was crisp and clear.  I had fallen in love and had fantasies of spending my days making hats in a little Swedish apartment with flower boxes at the window.  I wanted a bicycle with a basket which had enough room to carry flowers and bottles of pear cider.

If you too would like to fall in love with Malmö or if you would just like to be reminded each day to enter the world with love, then you can get your hands on this gorgeous print in my Etsy shop!



11 thoughts on “We Love…

  1. When I saw the picture in my reader, I knew instantly without reading a word, that it was taken somewhere in Scandinavia, so typical landscape 🙂 Gorgeous photo!

      1. Thank you very much. A very Happy New Year to you too, may it be a joyful and sunshine filled one! Sitting in living room of new place now, looking out of the window and watching snowflakes!

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