Big and Welsh

Beautiful Wales…land of my Fathers (or more specifically my Father, who these days is a very fine example of a “Irish Geordie Welsh hybrid”) Anyway, it is a land of extreme beauty, magic, majestic landscape, sheep and (as I am sure you are just itching to mention) rain. Now some may see the rain as a terrible curse but it keeps things lush and green. Just the way they should be! It is a truly fabulous little corner of our wonderful planet and if you listen carefully you will often hear many a Welsh man (and woman) whisper of something know as Hiraeth. It has no direct English translation but is sort of like a longing, nostalgia and wistful yearning for Wales. Now there is plenty more of that to come, perhaps a whole Hiraeth series but for now I leave you with this offering. Wales is so great even the eggs are proud of it!

If you would like to add a bit of Welsh Pride (in egg box form) to your walls, then you can buy this baby in my Etsy shop!



11 thoughts on “Big and Welsh

  1. I have some Welsh pride (most the men in the family have Llewellyn in their name somewhere) but right now for some reason, and this predates reading your blog – the last few days actually – I’ve had the skit from Not The Nine O’Clock News (yes old, old news) where they list the companies that Failed In Wales (to hymn music) How this came into my head I don’t know but its darn catchy.

      1. I wish we had an English equivalent! I feel it when listening to Vaughan WIlliams or Delius, hearing crows, seeing weeping willows, elms, flat Fens and East Anglian skies…

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