Whitstable Beach Huts

Nothing says English seaside more than these charming little beach huts in Whitstable. Love, love, love. If anyone would like to bequeath me one I would be most grateful.  They are almost too delicious for words.

This shot was taken one crisp, wintery afternoon.  It was a day of pebble collecting, giggling, oyster eating and wind kissed cheeks.  I dreamt of a beautiful little beach hut where kisses could be stolen and 1000 more dreams could be made.

If you would like to dream of stolen kisses, fairy lights and beach magic every day then why not get your hands on this fabulous print?

You can have a look at all the prints I have for sale by hopping over to my Etsy shop.



24 thoughts on “Whitstable Beach Huts

  1. I’ve just come back from a beach in Australia that has beach huts and did a post about them. Ours are generally not perched up as high as these ones but still have the same lovely colours on them. I like you dream of having one of my own………………

    1. Oooh fantastic. I will check it out! It would appear that beach huts love is currently whipping around in the air! How wonderful. One day I shall (and I really really want a shepherd or fisherman hut for the garden too)…

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