Ozymandias and the Portal under the sink…

Ozymandias has been having a fine old time getting used to the new house.  He has so far discovered a portal under the kitchen sink, the perfect high windowsill to practice aerial acrobatics at 4am and the many inventive ways one can use a piece of kindling for entertainment (including the best and most hazardous spots for tripping hazard).  It’s a fine old life.

IMG_9337 IMG_9345 IMG_9515 IMG_9521 IMG_9525


13 thoughts on “Ozymandias and the Portal under the sink…

    1. He has indeed. Not sure I’m entirely in favour of his nocturnal activities mind you! He repeatedly smacked me in the face at 4am until I gave him attention the other morning! (as far as I know there were no children down a well)…

  1. Lovely pictures of a bright eyed cat! This made me laugh when I saw the name of your cat was Ozymandias! I have a draft for a post on my poetry blog waiting to go up soon of Percy Shelley’s Ozymandias, in fact I nearly put it up today, but changed my mind!

    Do you call him Ozy for short?
    Suzy 😀

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