British Tea Bonanza

So…Earl Grey, Lapsang (one should always start with tea – It is only proper!), lemon curd, drunken “yoofs” marauding in the streets, cricket, football (soccer?  I actually had to Google how to spell that!), the Queen, music, loafers, little boats on the Thames, picnics, eccentricity in spades…British.  Being British.  What defines that?  All the above and so much more. We are (to be fair) a funny and idiosyncratic bunch.


I would like to introduce you all to one of my favourite (Note the proud use of “U”!) current British “Chap-hop! (Google it stars de jour (we have a better relationship with the French than one might think). It is of the course the wonderful Professor Elemental.  In this particular cheeky little video he is of course talking about something very dear to my own heart.  Tea.  (If you are curious mine is Earl Grey, with milk (I’m a philistine) the colour of a manila envelope). I hope that you enjoy! Just pop on the kettle and click on the chap underneath.  Enjoy.



11 thoughts on “British Tea Bonanza

      1. I am. I am! In process of moving house and have it on my “very precious items to go in the car in case anybody breaks them other than me” section. It is in good company with my blue alchemist bottle, a phrenology head and two wine glasses forged from a bohemian mold (that apparently was hidden in a wall to hide it from the Nazis). I am very bored of packing!

      2. 🙂 I know what you mean with not wanting others to break the most precious stuff…
        well, packing was never easy… but think of the positive side, your new place, you will feel better, have fun… it will make it easier for you to go through the packing process… 🙂

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