All I want for Christmas is you….

Well I have been scouring the internet for exciting present ideas for my nearest and dearest and during my rather exotic travels I stumbled across a little selection of the most fabulous t-shirts, far too good not to share!

So if you are looking to treat yourself or someone you love to something cooler than liquid nitrogen then look no further.

darkcycleKicking us off we have the wonderful Dark Cycle Clothing.  Now if you have spent your days dreaming of squirrels on bicycles, badgers on penny farthings or a bear on a mountain bike, then these are the ones for you!  I personally would like one of everything!  (I am also not entirely sure what that says about the workings of my subconscious but one needs to recognise a style soulmate when one sees it!)  Not only are these as cool as sliding down Mount Everest in a bikini and pair of Eskimo boots they are also very reasonably priced.  You can visit them here or over at their Etsy shop

littlemountainFor the more hirsute of us, how about a visit over to the fabulous Little Mountain Supply Co?  If you feel like taking to the seven seas or walking around in a manly fashion carrying tree trunks then these are the ones for you.  Guaranteed to do wonders for both your testosterone levels and your street cred!  You can visit the very lovely Joe Horacek and his mountain here

DHtrioFinally we have the incredible and talented Dan Hillier (who also happens to be one of my favourite artists). His dark and wonderfully elegant hybrid drawings are fabulously unique and bound to draw some admiring glances.  Frankly, any man wearing that stag t-shirt is going to win my heart.  You can check out Dan and his magical, faintly freakish world here



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