Childhood Waltz

Ever since I was a wee young scamp of a thing, I have both loved taking and being the subject of photographs (always seem to mysteriously appear in every photo of Stonehenge that has ever been taken – just look carefully and you will see me).   One rainy afternoon before a double helping of “Rent-a-ghost” I found myself at a loss for entertainment (you know what they say about the Devil and idle hands) and as my Mother had always insisted that “Only boring people get bored”, action had to be taken.  So…child unattended…caption stickers…beloved family photograph albums…it was a natural choice!

If you would like to have a cheeky look at some of my photographs today (without any caption stickers!) you can find me here





11 thoughts on “Childhood Waltz

  1. “Mine’s a gin”, inspired pose and caption! 😀 I wish our family albums had been that fun.

    Rent-a-ghost, gosh, I was pretty scared of Claypole (but still watched it every week).

  2. Very often people dump their kid photos on you forcing you to read, like, comment and appreciate them. We all have suffered through family albums of people we don’t know well. You’ve just found a way to make some other kid’s experience enjoyable, involving, interesting to watch and inspiring. Great! Thank you )

    1. What a lovely thing to say! Thank you (and perhaps you should keep a pocket of caption stickers handy for the next time you are forced through a family album. It does liven things up, I can assure you!).

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