Pinterest – Cottage Love

Pinterest has certainly tapped into to the zeitgeist. You can barely move for fear of being stabbed by a pin.  Ouch.

Now I am a visual sort of a girl.  Tell me a funny story about someone falling over for example and you can bet your life that I have created a technicolour film of the whole affair in my head, complete with sub-plots, supporting cast members and very possibly a sound track!  Despite this, it has taken me a bit of time to really appreciate the beauty of those pins.  Now, perhaps it is just the pin thing that scared me.  After spending a terrifying two days on a corsetry course (incredibly ambitious considering I have only ever used a sewing machine once in my life and almost ended up in A&E) I have developed something of a phobia.  That aside, I couldn’t really completely capture the point of it! Pinning all these pretty pictures that I liked was all well and good but what was the point?  That was until we decided to move house.  Suddenly there was a point. Pinterest is a giant online, singing, dancing and prancing mood board! It is a place to put all those things that you always end up spending 2 hours trying to find again.  Genius!

I am a convert.

Here is how my little cottage is going to look (obviously add Javier Bardem in a very small pair of pants)…


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