Brown Paper Packages…

When I was a younger thing than the young thing I am now and I had scuffed knees, long lacy socks, little red shoes and a head full of dreams (not all that much has changed really!) my Mother used to take me up to the wonderful West End for a spot of shopping.  Her favourites were Selfridges and on occasion a jaunt through the food hall at Harrods, which was kind of like sneaking into Willy Wonka’s head.  I loved it.

Apart from a dangerous passion for exotic perfumes and odd culinary curiosities, this formative childhood experience has stamped on to my heart the absolute necessity for wildly extravagant wrapping.  The more ribbon, bows, sparkles, frills and eccentric ephemera, the better.  That’s what I say.  If a job is worth doing…it is worth overdoing!

Nothing is guaranteed to get the pulse racing quite like a fantastically wrapped box.  Who can begin to imagine the delights inside?  It is like an elaborate seduction…I’m thinking tousled sheets scented with sandalwood and skin, candlelit shadows dancing on mural covered walls, a whisper of fabric sliding off the shoulder, the promise of unspeakable pleasure… Now, where was I?

So, in celebration of all that is raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens here are a few of my favourite “brown paper packages” (tied up with “string”, obviously).

These divine little soaps are part of a range by the fabulous Sweet Petula whose  luxury aromatherapy soaps, candles, lotions and other fabulous pampering products not only smell gorgeous but have serious wrapping  appeal!  Aren’t they just beautiful.  I know what I’m adding to my Christmas list this year.  My bathroom will be the envy of all my friends with these little beauties dotted around!  If you would also love to enjoy that delicious “wrapped up” feeling every time you wander into your bathroom get yourself over to Sweet Petula’s right away

We also have the fabulous “Chewing the Cud” where you can buy these gorgeous Japanese Furoshiki Style gift wraps!  Who said that it is all about what is inside that counts?  With these I would be a little like the child that you buy a gorgeous gift for in a large box (let’s say a 5 floor Barbie townhouse, perhaps with a lift and optional pony).  You wait to see their tiny face shining with joy as they discover the wonder of putting Barbie into the lift and then performing acrobatic horse mounting from the roof, but no…five minutes later and child is in cardboard box, preparing to mount a pirate attack on the cat.  I need all of these immediately.  Who needs Barbie!  If you too find that you need a little more Furoshiki in your life then you can buy these beauties here

Finally we have the gorgeous and talented girls over at A Beautiful Mess with four fabulous wrapping suggestions.  If you haven’t already had a good explore of their wonderful blog then I suggest that you get yourself over there immediately! You will find their gift wrap article here  I heartily recommend making yourself a cup of tea/coffee/hot chocolate and settling down for an hour or so.  It is like delicious cake for the soul.

Thank you to Sweet Petula, Chewing The Cud and A Beautiful Mess for giving me permission to use their images (and wax lyrical about their fabulousness!).  Happy Wrapping.


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