I decided at about five years old that when I grew up, I was going to join the Circus.

I have been practicing ever since.  Many injuries have been sustained from my circus based escapes.  I can assure you that attempting to tightrope walk across the back of the sofa or practice trapeze skills from the chandeliers is generally not a good idea.

In homage to my circus family (with some old school, photo taking, printing, cutting, sticking, faffing and scanning lomo stylee – why use photoshop when you can create mess?) here is a self-portrait of me in one of my many realities as a dancing girl.

You will find more images of my secret circus life here



  1. One time I tried to do a front flip onto my bed. Well, I just about made it but the springiness made me smash my knee into my nose and almost break my smeller. Whoops. Perhaps I should train to be a clown or magician, because the circus has called me as well, and those might be safer : )

    1. Ha. Perfect. Nothing safe about clowning you know. Especially if roller skates are involved. I once managed to propel myself headfirst into a rose bush at high speed. I don’t recommend it. Thinking all those ladders and big shoes just spell “extreme danger”. How about Ringmaster??

      1. I did a 360 while one-legged rollerblading and tweaked my wrist out of commission for a few weeks afterward. It would have been a good maneuver, but was entirely unplanned. Hence, the injury…
        Roses, ouch.
        Ringmaster… hmmmmm. I question my showmanship, but that’s a possibility. For some reason I picture a ringmaster as a big bear of a man, maybe so he appears as a giant to children. And I am a lightweight.
        I might be best putting up the tent and tearing it down afterward. Then I would pack a pipe for anyone who wanted to partake when the show’s over.
        Actually, I have great balance, and an unhealthy lack of fear of heights. A tightrope is calling.
        : )

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