Tube Stories – Last Train Home

More images from my “Tube Stories” series can be found here

20 thoughts on “Tube Stories – Last Train Home

  1. I love these candid everyday photos. It’s easy to photograph a striking landscape well, but it’s so much more difficult to capture the subtle beauties of common things! Something I’m trying to do with my shoddy camera. Do you have any tips?

    1. Thank you. I have the opposite problem. I often find it difficult to capture a landscape the way that I want to but seem to find people really instinctive. My main tips would be to take lots and lots of shots, 99 will be rubbish but 1 will capture something special. I would also say that you can do wonderful things with any sort of camera (even a pinhole one in a shoebox…in fact perhaps that should be my next project!) It is really difficult to quantify the other stuff but some rules that work for me are…Be playful, stay curious, experiment.

      1. Thank you for the advice! My camera’s a little more advanced than a pinhole camera (although not by much) so I think the real problem might be my impatience. I hope to experiment more with people soon (and implement your tips), so please check back with my blog as I’d greatly appreciate your advice. And of course, I’d love to see the shoebox project come to fruition!

  2. Love the tube shots! Can one miss riding the tube? Thrills me to see black and white photography..and a big thanks for stopping by my blog and by doing so, discovering your amazing black and white shots!

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