Treasury Wednesday – Circus, Circus

When I was a little girl I used to dream of growing up and joining the circus (often sustaining injuries from attempting to tightrope across the back of the sofa)…on this rather grey and rainy Wednesday afternoon I have decided to bring the Circus to me with an Etsy Treasury.  Why not?

Roll up, roll up.



14 thoughts on “Treasury Wednesday – Circus, Circus

  1. I was moved to tears when I took this summer my son (1,5 years old) to the circus for the first time. The look in his eyes when he saw the artists and animals perform on stage was priceless.

    1. Nothing quite like the spectacle of a fair/carnival/circus seen through the eyes of a child (even an adult child). Although had to stop going to ones that had animals in years ago because they made me too sad…I’m all about the acrobatics and theatrics these days! 🙂

  2. Great collection! Now I’m going to read The Night Circus. Another great book about running away with the circus is A Trip to the Light Fantastic: Travels With a Mexican Circus.

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