Old Friends

Moving house… How on earth is it that over three years it is possible to accumulate so much junk?  (I know that I am a bit of a Womble but there are levels!)  Anyway, it is a fabulous opportunity to have a clear out and to say hello to some old friends who have been lurking in the background for too long.

This little chap is called “Tag-along” and he tenaciously does just that.  I have had him since I was about 7 and my Father returned from a business trip with this cheery fellow.  I re-discovered him lurking in a wicker basket containing lots of pearls and some 1920’s paper lanterns.  By the slightly roguish look of him I imagine he has been up to some mischief, it’s the glint in the eye and the unkempt hair.

This handsome gent is one of my most prized, he is a very old hand-carved puppet and originates from exotic lands filled with sand, spices and possibly even magic carpets.  I picked him up years ago at an antique fair.  Apparently his “whiskers” are made from human hair which is a little freaky but does lend him a touch of gravitas.  He has been guarding a comprehensive selection of random empty perfume bottles!

“Frankie the Phrenology Head” perches on my bookshelves, wisely observing the world in my living room.  If he could speak I imagine he might actually be rather pompous.  Pompous or not, he is part of the family and I love him.

I love this colour blue and have a selection of bottles dotted around in this particular shade.  I have turned this one into a perfume diffuser (It is filled with the delicious True Grace – Library scent http://www.truegrace.co.uk/shop/fragrances/library)

Sadly my peaceful distraction here has ended.  I can put it off no further…time for some more packing!

I wonder if I can conjure up some powerful Jinn to help?


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