Botanical Decoupage Eggs

Please note that these little beauties are for sale in my Etsy Shop

So there I was stumbling around the wonderful worldwide web in a faintly drunken haze and I stumbled across the fabulous blog by talented Wilma Boekholt.  Amongst all the incredibly beautiful things, something a little bit special caught my eye.  These stunning decoupage eggs as well as creating them herself and adding an array of beautiful pictures she also very kindly added a tutorial. Inspired, I sent off Mr Illustrious Peacock to the shop to source some duck eggs and some Cotsworld Legbar blue eggs.

Whilst he in a fit of heroism dashed off like a shining white Knight, I got myself down to John Lewis to source some pretty ribbons and a darning needle the size of a small kitten.  I was ready to rumble.

Misson number one

Blow those eggs like a pro… Now it has been some time since I put my egg blowing powers to use (no inappropriate jokes please).  Last time I “blew an egg” I was about 7 years old, it was Easter time and my Mother and I did some intense egg marbelling, now this may not sound quite like any other extreme sport you know but I can assure you that it has moments of heightened adrenaline.  Don’t knock it until you have tried it.

I always find the stabbing a hole in the egg the real moment of truth.  It is harder than one might think.

Anyway…I digress, once done the eggs looked a little like this.

Mission Two:

Tissue tastic…Next move was putting to use some of the beautiful tissue paper that I bought at the fabulous Chelsea Physic Garden.

After a little while, myself covered in glue, Ozymandius the cat covered in sticky tissue paper and with enough scrambled egg to feed a small army.  I ended up with these little beauties ready to dry overnight.

Misson Three

Touch em up baby…So, bleary eyed, armed with an extraordinarily large darning/craft needle and very possibly slightly dangerous, I made the finishing touches to the eggs and hung them on my Pussy Willow/Blossom stick tree .



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2 thoughts on “Botanical Decoupage Eggs

  1. The eggs are beautiful. I clicked on your blog link and it was your turn to make me smile! You’re natural aesthetics are absolutely gorgeous! Definitely following your site!

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