These Shoes are Made for Walking

Inspired by some of the fabulous tutorials floating around on the splendid invisible wireless web, I decided to upcycle my very own pair of brogues!

Now, I am a bit rubbish with shoes.  In fact I currently only have one pair that are waterproof (and that I am able to actually walk in) and they are my wellies.  So off I squelched to the terrifying Pimark on Oxford Street and there, shining on the shelf, in my size, and reduced from £14 to £6 (yes people…£6 Queenly pounds).  I found these little beauties.

So I dug out some rather fancy schmancy acrylic paint that I have lurking under the bed and decided that it was time to “paint the town red”.

I added another coat of paint to the next bit of leather up and left them to dry.  Gorgeous as they were, I just couldn’t resist paying a visit to the fantastic “Graphics Fairy”  ( who has the best selection of graphics ever.

I found myself a gorgeous image of a chap on a bicycle and printed it on to tissue paper.

I think I am just a little bit in love….

Anyway, I then went about painting this handsome gent to the back of my shoe and here are the finished results.

Now, I am feeling very pleased and looking forward to taking them out for a wander.  Am very interested to hear all about your upcycling projects so please drop me a line.

Happy shoe creativity to one and all!


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