A photographic childhood waltz through Israel

I love taking photographs.  Ever since I was a wee lass and I was introduced to my first camera.  My Father had a canon SLR all tucked up tight in a beige case with a magicians array of lenses and magic things.  I remember going out with him and seeing the world through his eyes.  From that moment on I was totally hooked.

I loved both taking photos and also being the subject of them.  One rainy afternoon I got in terrible trouble with my mother.  I had been bought a treasure trove of stickers that had captions.  One of my favourite things was looking through our old family albums and this particular rainy afternoon inspiration struck.  There I was looking through an album of a holiday in Israel and I decided that the obvious solution to my boredom was to marry together my “caption stickers” and our dear beloved album of family holiday photographs.

The results still make me chuckle today…

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Nothing much has really changed at all.  I am known to all my nearest and dearest as a camera pixie (line up the perfect shot of stonehenge and who do you find lurking in the left-hand corner?) and I am addicted to photographing all of the completely mundane details of my life.  Not assisted by a Nan Goldin exhibition that I went to in my early twenties.

When I was introduced to Hipstamatic a few years ago it was like all my birthdays had come at once!

It is all about the photodocumentary for me.  I am almost pathalogicical in my passion.  Hereby I lay down the gauntlet to you.  One photograph a day, week, month….I want it, give it to me.  Life in all of its technicolour (or monochrome – let’s not shut off any avenue)…this project has been done before and in a gazillion different ways but the beauty of it is that every single end piece is different.  It is like a peverse study of life in all of its glory.  Also, I am very nosy…


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