I love any excuse for a party and what better excuse than the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.  Here are some of my slightly quirky, handmade Jubilee decorations which have taken up residence in Peacock Towers.  I love them so much I might just keep them.  Every house needs corgi bunting surely!


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4 thoughts on “Jubilee-tastic

  1. Wooohooo !! LOVE IT ! I am super duper, over the top, impressed that you can do a photo slideshow thingy like that on your wordpress blog. I have a thing or two to learn from you. LOL. Teach me !
    Great Jubilee celebration ! Me, I would have gone to Buckingham Palace and made faces at the guards to see if they would crack a smile. It never works, but it is ALWAYS worth a try !
    Big Love
    Lynne xx

    1. I would love to teach you, although as far as I remember I uploaded some photos, did a gentle (or fair bit) of swearing, had an emergency Gin & Tonic, pressed a button and then the magic happened! Really rather fabulous.

      Guard baiting does get a little tiresome after a while. Those boys are machines! Am sure I got a smirk out of one once but then it could just have been the light! I find that pigeon harassing has more entertainment value (although would like to point out that no animals were distressed, they rather liked it. (Although perhaps that was the light too?)


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