Tube Stories – Hipstamatic Adventures on the London Underground

The London Underground…all these people in a little space underneath the city.  Millions of stories zooming around, A to B via F (or X depending on how random the diversion).

I could spend hours down there like a stealthy mole.  If you like “People Watching” then this has got to be the place for you.

Being a photographer (with a love for photo-documentary) I couldn’t help but see the beauty in attempting to document all the stories that collide under our city every day.  The wonders of Hipstamatic and smartphone photography.

The one thing that always strikes me more than anything about the tube is that it is a public, private space.

I wanted to explore how the idea of taking photographs of people in this space worked.  It is a public space yet somehow the idea of being photographed on the tube feels intrusive and voyeuristic.  I also wanted to document and demonstrate how experiences that we take for granted (and mostly deliberately shut out) are actually moments of great value and the perfect opportunity to get a small snapshot into the internal world of a complete stranger.


8 thoughts on “Tube Stories – Hipstamatic Adventures on the London Underground

  1. This is a very beautiful collection indeed. Git bust once on the reflection, but we settled the deal with a beer! I apologised. Nice work.

    1. Ha. Fabulous. It can be a bit nerve wracking. The “girl and tramp” image was almost my downfall. It could have been potentially one of my favourite shots of all time but due to the fact that I had STUPIDLY left the sound button on “make very loud sound when taking photographs” I was almost rumbled. Thankfully next stop was mine and I was able to scuttle away…close shave.

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