Chelsea Physic Garden – Photo Fabulous

Chelsea Physic Garden is not only one of the most gorgeous, magical and peaceful spots in London it is also the Oldest Botanical Garden in the city (second in the whole country!)

It might just be the best kept secret garden in the whole world (but then I must admit that I am more than just a little bit biased!)

Not only does the garden have a whole glasshouse dedicated to Carnivorous Plants (Audrey II you better watch out), a grapefruit tree called Aunt Queenie (which can boast to be the most Northerly fruiting Grapefruit Tree in the whole wide world!), a plethora of wonderfully eccentric regular visitors and a cafe with food that you might even consider selling a basket of kittens for…it also is about to unveil the hugely fantastic “Garden of Edible and Useful Plants”.

Now this is super exciting,  it REALLY is!  It is due to launch in May 2012 and unveiled will be all sorts of fabulousness including a Bee Forage to help our furry little pollinating friends, a perfume border to lose yourself in with a copy of Süskind’s “Perfume”, a willow sculpture and beds dedicated to the Arts, Science, Innovation, Faith and many more.

Every month the team at Chelsea Physic Garden alongside incredibly talented designer Pia Östlund publish a “Points of Interest” for the coming month.  I am incredibly honoured to say that this month the image splashed all over the front cover is one of my very own photographic portraits of lovely gardener Kate Wilkinson.

I am all a quiver with excitement.  Here is a little taster…to find out what is inside then you will just have to get yourself down to the Chelsea Physic garden as quickly as your feet will take you.  It is worth the journey, I promise!


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