The sun has got his hat on…and so have I.

I don’t see why the sun should have all the fun in the hat department, so in a bid to remain hat queen extraordinaire out came my hat bits and bobs and with much love, craft (and the odd bit of swearing) here is my new creation.

The inspiration behind it was Film Noir with a hint of Cluedo.

Was it Mrs Peacock in the Parlour with a poisonous peony?

I have used a sinamay base, some lovely french black widow netting speckled with sparkling diamantes and a single peacock feather.

Now, perhaps after all the excitement I should go and slip in to something a little more comfortable and recline on my plush chaise longue with a well-earned mimosa.

It is Sunday after all.  Working is for sinners.

This little beauty has now been sold and I am sure that it is very happy in its new home.  Keep your eyes peeled for a new range soon!


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