Vintage Travel – Stick em up

Ahh, the sweet days of slow travel.  The smell of steam fused with honeysuckle, clothes to make the hardest of fashion critics feel a leap of joy in their weary hearts, timeless landscapes, the illicit bartering of black market currency at the border crossing, the making of new friendships despite the barrier of not sharing a common language and there, beside you, sharing in all your adventures a faithful partner, the humble suitcase.

Now correct me if you disagree but your modernfangled, super dooper, light as a feather, stronger than an ox, new, shiny, all singing, all dancing suitcase is all well and good but  just doesn’t cut it in the style stakes.  Give me a brown, battered, slightly rusty around the hinge, bashed, banged, scarred, faithful, time-worn travel companion anyday.  Preferably with a liberal smattering of travel stickers.

The sublime travel sticker.  A visual scrapbook for all your adventure memories, hinting at all the rivers crossed, heights scaled, depths plundered,  lingering kisses under exotic sunsets…all this on the outside of a fabulously utilitarian object!

How can one hope to not fall completely in love?

With this in mind, for the birthday of a very dear friend who has been a faithful companion on many an adventure, I decided to create her very own battered, preloved suitcase.  One that has seen life, passed through many hands…if only it could talk!

Ebay was where I started.  I was lucky to find an auction for two 1940’s war time vintage suitcases from the aptly named “crimboforever”.  Almost as soon as the money was paid, the beautiful cases arrived into my eager hands.

The larger one I quickly put to use as a rather lovely storage solution for some of my millinery supplies and current” hat in progress” (more about that later) and the smaller one was just crying out to be polished, upcycled and delivered into the hands of a new adventure partner.  My match was made!

After hours of scouring the internet for some suitable travel sticker images, getting covered in uhu (for the record uhu and water DO NOT mix) and doing somewhat random things with world map tissue paper the end results look something like this.  Just need to get busy with the varnish and do a bit of tidying up and we are ready to get the steam train rolling.


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